Messages of Remembrance

Hi Carl,

Thank you for helping me feel safe and equal to my peers. It's an invaluable gift. I've failed several times in the attempt to publish my article about you and me. Still trying to get it published before the end of the year.



- student
July 11, 2020
Hi Carl,

Miss you. I appreciate the sunshine you give to everyone. I am trying to publish an academic article about you and me. Hope I can make it before the end of the year.

Botao Wu

- student
June 20, 2020
Hi Carl,

I've decided on a job in South China. My paper "My Poetic Inquiry" is just accepted by a top-tier journal, Qualitative Inquiry. Will write more and try to get published. Still remember our consensus that some award belongs to us.
Thank you so much for the life experience and classes at UBC!

In the shadow of Novel coronavirus but not infected,

Botao Wu

- student
January 24, 2020
I had no intention of embarking on a masters program until Carl presented at a professional development day at my elementary school. His presentation was so inspiring that two colleagues and I entered the program. I was nervous as I walked into the first class but was set at ease as Carl met each student with a warm welcome. After class I was confused. It was so much fun. It was too easy. University is supposed to be hard work. What was going on? Carl announced that all students in the class will get an A if we showed up more or less regularly. A, eh? This was really weird but after every class though, words crashed around in my head. I would be up till the wee hours pouring those words out when I should have been sleeping. Set free from the oppressive quest for a mark, encouraged to take risks, have fun, play with ideas, I learned so much. Thank you Carl.

Donelda Rose

- former student/friend
December 19, 2019
My first class with Carl was in 1994: Principles of Teaching, a lab section after a lecture, While we sat waiting for the Prof, students filed in. A long-haired figure with an army green canvas bag arrived and no one took much notice. Another student in this mix of ages required class for Education students? Nope, it is the Prof. I thought he looked a lot like Jesus, as he took to introducing himself, tossed aside the prescribed syllabus and set to work enchanting his pupils with his soft sing song lilt and wonderful stories.

That was my first encounter with Carl Leggo. Subsequently, I had him a few times as a professor while taking Education courses and felt honoured and privileged to be taught by such a gentle man. I'll never forget his readings from "Growing up Perpendicular on the Side of a Hill", class nature walks to out of the classroom to inspire us. The many laughs and the always positive Karma he emitted.

I still reckon back to my many moments and stories he shared. I know that his teaching has inspired and supported my teaching. His love for his students and for his craft of poetry were unmatched.

Thank you Carl for what you did for all of us. I am sure you are sitting on a cloud up high, still sharing, still loving, still inspiring.

Cheers Brother

Eric Hartmann

- Student
September 29, 2019
Happy Father’s Day, Dad! With love and gratitude always and forever!

Anna, Nick, Madeleine and Mirabelle

June 16, 2019
Carl's impact on my life as a teacher of literature and language, a writer, and as a human is profound. Never before had I met a teacher so willfully honest, so inviting, so caring, so genuinely interested in my development as a lover of wor(l)ds. Carl encouraged me - and all of us - to take risks, to dare to live joyfully (if for no other reason then out of spite!), and to dedicate ourselves to the power of story and the power of language. His work and influence continue to live on today in the lives of the students I teach. I have given workshops on his pedagogies, spreading his word as if it is evangelical -- and at times, and in certain places, it is. I'm so grateful to Carl for his time, his care, his thoughtfulness. Pieces of him truly will live on in us, and I am pleased to know this scholarship will keep his priorities and energies alive.

Adrienne Michetti

- student and mentee
May 31, 2019
I am profoundly grateful to be on the list of UBC students given the opportunity to learn, experience and be emotionally ignited by Dr. Leggo’s unique gifts. Saddened at the loss of his intellect, wit, creativity, and stories, I will continue to be inspired as a teacher by his example. Rest in power!

Jill Lewis

- Master’s Student
May 31, 2019
Haiku to Carl

Poet, mentor, friend
Ethical, compassionate
A man of his word/s

Bonny Norton

- Colleague and Friend
April 4, 2019
One year when I was a new assistant professor at UBC, Carl taught in the same classroom that I did, immediately after my class ended. We would bump into each other at the class change twice a week. He knew that I was new, knew my name right away, and went out of his way the rest of the term to check in with me in those brief moments, to make sure I was getting along okay. He checked in without ever actually telling me that this was what he was doing. Put another way, Carl wasn't just acting kind. Carl was kind. You couldn't help but notice that about him. I'm grateful to have known him.

Jason Ellis

- colleague
April 2, 2019
Carl’s passion for vigorous and creative scholarship that transcends disciplinary boundaries is the inspiration behind this new graduate scholarship in art-based inquiry. This scholarship was originally to be in honour of, rather than in memory of Carl. After we first discussed the idea, I sent Carl an email to identify criteria for the scholarship. He replied with great enthusiasm for how the scholarship would celebrate the significance of arts-based research at UBC. I replied saying that I was excited to have the opportunity to help with ensuring that his “Leggocy” would inspire and support graduate students for a long time to come! So this is now a part of Carl’s LEGGO-CY. To honour Carl’s love of words and all forms of word play, my husband Dean constructed a huge lego C from the bags of lego we have at home for our grandchildren. It symbolizes the commitment to making this scholarship a resounding success.

Susan Cox

- Colleague
April 2, 2019
I just heard of Carl's death. Carl was the saving grace of my teaching year at UBC. In a program I experienced to be mainly teaching me to conform, Carl offered poetry. He believed all we needed to do as new teachers was be ourselves and explore the things that gave us joy. He asked us to take risks and be brave in being ourselves. He inspired me in poetry and in teaching. I am very saddened to hear of his passing.

Taryn Thomson

- student
April 2, 2019

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