Cindy Woo

Raised so far


Cindy passed away on October 1, 2019, comfortably and with her family around her. She was a long-time research coordinator and manager in the UBC Mood Disorders Program and was known for her warm smile, gentle humour, and calm manner even during stressful times.

Cindy was always supportive to all staff, whether they were research assistants, students, or doctors. She was a role model who was dedicated to clinical research that helped people with mood disorders. Her family, friends and colleagues will dearly miss her.

The impact of your support

In recognition of her contributions, her family and friends are establishing the Cindy Woo Educational Fund for Research Technicians. This fund will provide opportunities for professional development for research assistants and technicians in the UBC Department of Psychiatry. Cindy would be very appreciative of your support for these educational activities for her research colleagues.

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