Doyne Sillery

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Doyne Sillery was a dedicated “Farm Friend” volunteer with the UBC Intergenerational Landed Learning Project from 2007-2016. He passed away on November 4, 2016 after a year-long battle with lung cancer. He was 84 years old.

Doyne’s love of gardening and the outdoors began as a child roaming through endless fields in the UK growing up. He worked on farms as a teenager and even worked as a cowboy in Calgary for a year after moving to Canada in 1956. A year later, he moved to Vancouver where he chose another outdoor profession, working as a surveyor for the City of North Vancouver for 40 years.

In 1983, he took his Master Gardener certification and was recently made a Lifetime Member of the Master Gardeners’ Association of BC. He was always interested in learning more. After he retired from the City of North Vancouver in 1996, he took courses in horticulture at BCIT and started dedicating his time towards volunteering. He was a volunteer guide at VanDusen Botanical Garden and also worked with their school program.

Working with kids in nature and the garden was something that brought Doyne much joy. He loved educating kids on plants, bugs, and nature. He believed everyone should have a connection to the world around them, especially the connection from soil to plate. He believed in stewardship. And Doyne didn’t just love growing food, he loved cooking it and feeding people as well. All these things contributed to Doyne’s dedicated participation and belief in the Intergenerational Landed Learning Project at the UBC Farm. As a Landed Learning volunteer, he dedicated hundreds of hours over nine years, mentoring dozens of children and young adults to grow and cook food together.

Doyne was a loving father to four children and a cherished grandfather to four grandchildren. He was also a mentor, friend, surrogate father, and surrogate grandfather to so many. He is greatly missed.

The impact of your support

They say that no one is really dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away. By donating to the UBC Intergenerational Landed Learning Project in Doyne’s memory, you are contributing to making waves, not just ripples that will last much longer in this world than any one person.

Your generous gift made in Doyne’s memory will support children in the Intergenerational Landed Learning Project to learn to prepare and enjoy eating healthy foods they grow in the garden.

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