Dr. Bruce Todd

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Bruce Todd had a long and distinguished association with UBC, beginning in 1989. His enthusiasm and passion for learning were seen in both his academic and research work, as well as in his outstanding contributions to Vancouver Thunderbirds Minor Hockey. He passed away very suddenly in November 2012, at his home on the UBC campus, at the age of 55.

Bruce came to the University as a postdoctoral fellow in the Chemistry Department. In 1990 he was awarded a prestigious Killiam Postdoctoral Fellowship, given to leading pre-doctoral and post-doctoral candidates at UBC and four other top universities.

During the 1990s Bruce was appointed as a lecturer and instructor in the Chemistry Department and taught a wide variety of Chemistry courses. In 2000 he joined the UBC Laboratory for Molecular Biophysics, as the Manager and Director of the Instrumentation Prototyping and Development Facility. Over the next decade he was involved in several major research initiatives at the Facility, in collaboration with research groups from Chemistry, Biochemistry, Applied Science and Medicine. His contributions were pivotal to their success.

In addition to his academic and scientific achievements, Bruce also excelled as an athlete. While an undergraduate he played varsity football as a receiver for McGill Redmen, as well as garnering an invitation to a Major League Baseball training camp. He was also an accomplished skier and sail racer. However, it was his love for hockey that transcended all other sports.

Despite not playing hockey until he was 30, Bruce quickly took to the game while studying for his PhD at the University of Alberta. As anyone who ever had the pleasure of lacing up with him can attest, he played with more wide-eyed enthusiasm than anyone who started playing as a child. Bruce’s passion for learning was not restricted to the classroom. He saw sports as another opportunity to learn and grow, and imparted his dedication and sense of fair play to any of the students whom he taught at UBC, as well as anyone he helped coach in the various Vancouver Thunderbirds Associations.

In 2011 Bruce left UBC to join Stemcell Technologies where he was involved in innovative research. His passing was a shock to everyone and he will be sadly missed by all who knew, worked or played with him.

The impact of your support

The Bruce Todd Memorial Award will be awarded annually to a member of both the Men’s and Women’s UBC Thunderbird Varsity Hockey Team.

Recipients will be students who have distinguished themselves both academically and athletically at the university. Preference is given to students in science, engineering, medicine and education with demonstrated leadership in the community. This is in keeping with the spirit of Bruce, who appreciated and passionately encouraged both an active mind and body.

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