Henrik Moberg Parker

Raised so far


Henrik was an exemplary student throughout his life. He began his learning at Canyon Heights and moved to Braemar Elementary School for its French Immersion Program, with the hopes of being challenged. He moved to Vancouver College for High School which provided Henrik with a sense of community, great friendships, and a place where he could show his extraordinary ability to learn and succeed. He spent lunch hours helping those with learning challenges and disabilities. Henrik was always the one to stand up for a classmate being bullied, regardless of the cost to him. After High School, he began studying Kinesiology at The University of British Columbia, with the goal of becoming a physiotherapist. He thrived in the kinesiology environment, made a great circle of friends, and enjoyed being challenged by the daunting workload. He joined the UBC sailing team, which allowed him to re-kindle relationships with old friends as well as create new relationships with people similar to him. Henrik loved learning, succeeding, and connecting with people. At UBC Henrik was engaged with multiple clubs and sports. He was volunteering and working training children sailing and was a role model to all – he had a special connection with children who had special needs. Henrik was kind and inclusive and went out of his way to get to know his fellow students at UBC.


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